Around Gifu Station

A unique nightlife town with over 400 pubs lined up.
The area north of JR Gifu Station was once a bustling wholesale district.
The Tamamiya area, located to the west of Meitetsu Gifu Station, is one of the busiest areas in Gifu Prefecture, with over 400 izakaya restaurants.
At night, many people gather and the area becomes lively and has a retro atmosphere. You can enjoy Gifu’s local food, regional dishes, local sake,
and other Gifu local products for local consumption.

Gifu City Tower 43

A symbol of Gifu City located in front of JR Gifu Station. It boasts the highest height (163m above ground) in the Chubu region as a complex tower
with residential facilities.
The free observation room with a spectacular view and the restaurant are also worth noting.

Gifu station square illumination

Gifu Station and the town will be lit up with approximately 100,000 illumination lights. With the support of companies, organizations, students,
and others, Gifu Station and the city will shine.

Mount Kinka Climbing

You can enjoy hiking to Gifu Castle, which is located on the summit of Mt. Kinka, the symbol of Gifu City with an altitude of 329 meters.
Gifu Castle was once called Inabayama Castle and was the residence of Dosan Saito during the Sengoku period.
While hiking to Gifu Castle, a symbol of Japanese history, you can experience nature with all your being.

Gifu Kinka Ropeway
A ropeway that connects the summit of Mt. Fukufu Kinka in Gifu Park.
From the top of the mountain, you can see the natural beauty of the Nagara River and the cityscape of Gifu City.
Gifu Castle panoramic night view

Gifu TOJO Ticket

A great value ticket that includes a 1-day ticket with a flat fare in Gifu City (230 Area Pass), a round-trip ticket to the Togifu Mt. Kinka Ropeway, and an admission ticket to Gifu Castle.
Gifu Nagara River cormorant fishing
(Holding period: May 11th to October 15th every year)

You can watch the classic fishing method used by cormorant fishers that has been practiced for about 1,300 years. Japan’s only classic fishing method
that has been around for over 1300 years.
Check out the boatman’s boat handling skills and the complete set of cormorant fishing equipment,
which has been designated as a nationally important tangible ethnic cultural property.

Gifu Nagara River Fireworks Festiva
Golden Nobunaga Statue

Gifu Light Story 2024

(Holding period: January 20th to January 28th)

“Gifu Akari Monogatari 2024” is a light-up event set in Gifu Park and Shoboji Temple using traditional Japanese crafts such as
“Gifu Japanese umbrellas” and “Gifu lanterns.

Arounf Gifu City area
Gujo City / Gujo Odori

Gujo Odori has been around for about 400 years. Japan’s longest Bon dance is held every night for about 30 days in summer.

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Japan’s oldest wooden reconstructed castle. Gujo Hachiman Castle, the symbol of the Gujo Hachiman area, is a beautiful mountain castle.



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